Moving Right Along, Then


Then life happened.  But why not start fresh with a new attempt at NaBloPoMo?  Ok? Everybody on board?  Excellent.

Let me begin by copping out with a post that consists of my Facebook status from a few days ago, as the clock is ticking down on Mr. Man’s nap and I still haven’t cleaned the kitchen…

Today’s lesson: don’t carve your pumpkins too early. This will lead to massive pumpkin shrivelage, which will in turn send you to the internet to research restoring carved pumpkins (obviously.) This action will then lead you to fill your sink with water and pumpkins, with the intent of soaking them for 4-8 hours to re-plump. If you DO decide to carve your pumpkins early, also decide to mop the floor that morning, so you can discover the weight of the pumpkins and water in your cool but shoddily constructed renovated sink has caused the drain gasket to fail and water is slowly filling the cabinet under the sink. Which you will discover when you open the cabinet for the floor cleaner (again, obviously.) Upon this discovery, immediately freak the heck out and drain the sink, which will cause even MORE water to flood the cabinet, soaking your dishwashing detergent and necessitating a large-scale evacuation of all the nasty chemicals stored therein. Lastly, feel fortunate that this happened while your child was napping, so you can leave all the chemicals strewn about the kitchen willy-nilly to dry whilst you rush to Facebook to educate everyone on the dangers of carving your pumpkins too early.

Example A (the night the pumpkins were carved):

Three well-carved pumpkins, one well-lit toddler

Oooh, arty. And, you know, non-shrively.

And then there’s Exhibit B, taken just two minutes ago, because of course we went ahead and put the pumpkins on the porch.  Lazy FTW!

Er, shriveled much? the hell did Stay Puft's FACE go?




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