Slow Going

Well, I’ve been working on moving my archives over to this site, but have been hindered by two things.
1. I have a 2 month old and thus a fractured attention span. When most of the posts that I’m bringing over have lots of photos, and need photos uploaded, and I have to FIND the damn photos on our home server, well…
2. Due to my stupidity in letting both my domain and my hosting lapse, I’ve only got about half the posts I had at the old site and every time I open the folder of posts to bring more over, I get pissed at myself. My reaction to that? Close the computer in disgust. Which–I know. I’m an idiot, but there you go.
I’ve been working on Mr. Man’s birth story, and am hoping to get that posted soon, so we can all see some NEW content, not just regurgitated old posts.


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