This Seems Like A Problem

What, exactly, does it mean when you blow your nose, your ear goes *poink* and the world goes pear-shaped?

There I was, minding my own business (and battling a cold) at a stoplight.  I blew my nose, and suddenly I thought I was drunk.  (And had a fondue fork in my ear.)  Shit was spinning, the light post started going wavy, and I halfway expected to see Wayne and Garth on the sidewalk doing the finger thing and going “doodly-oo doodly-oo doodly-oo…”  (and if you get THAT reference, my friends, let me be the first to welcome you to being old.)  Frankly, it was a damn good thing that the light stayed red for the duration of the freak-out spell, becuase yanking my car into the bushes in an attempt to keep it between the (wavy) lines seems like it could have been a problem.

I love cold season.


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