And Now For Something Completely Different

We bought a house!  Hooray!

Yes, my car is filthy.  Just ignore that.  Please direct your attention to the driveway, which is currently occupied with my car, my dad’s pickup, and still has room for many many more cars.  We are SO getting a snow blower.  Also, note that my mother was only in the house for about a half hour, before heading outside with a pair of pruning shears and a wild look in her eyes.  See those huge pots of mums?  She’d already beheaded most of the dead ones by the time I managed to ask her where the hell she had gotten a pair of pruning shears, anyway.  As it turns out, the previous owners had been in the house until 5 in the morning the day of the closing, and had just given up on moving everything.  They left tools and remodeling materials in the garage, a gas grill in the backyard, and several bottles of wine and six packs of beer in the basement.  Oh, and an old kegerator.  I would be upset they left everything for us to deal with, but I love me some wine, so I can’t complain.

I love this red door.  The coolest thing?  The window wells on the side of the house are painted the same color.  Please ignore my terrible posture and general frumpishness in this shot; clearly, I fail at standing up straight.  The most awesome thing about this shot?  You can’t see it, but the key to the house is stuck in the lock.  Oh yes, the departing owners graciously installed a new handle and lock, and the first time we put the key in the door the whole thing jammed up.  Since it was such a nice day, we left the door open, and as one or the other of us would stroll by, we’d periodically tug on the key to see if the magic key fairies had visited and instructed the lock to relinquish the key.  About 5 minutes after this shot was taken, I gave the key one more tug and the ENITRE lock mechanism pulled out of the handle and launched the tumblers pell-mell across the hardwood floors.  Oops.

However, I’m not the only one that broke something in the few hours we were in the house on closing day.  BD was “just adjusting” that spotlight on the left when the entire thing pulled out of the ceiling and dangled there like an airplane oxygen mask.  Classy.  I give the previous owners full marks for creativity on their remodel, but I’m going to have to deduct some points for general haf-asserey.     (See also: tumblers, launching of and painting, basic rules of.)

And then there’s this.  Stainless steel.  Gas range.  New cabinets.  If it was possible to make out with a kitchen, I would SO violate this one.  (But I’d call it the next day, since I’m a class act.)  At first I was concerned about  my shiny red kitchen appliances against the green back splash but I’ve found some ceramic home accent pieces at work that have both red and green in a vaguely Tuscan theme, and I think I can pull the whole thing together.  That, and BD flatly refused to let me re-re-model the new shiny kitchen.  Also of interest?  The goddamn chicken by the wine bottle.  Let me state for the record that I DON’T collect chickens.  My parents think I NEED a signature knick-knack and have thus far purchased me three ceramic chickens.  My parents also used to give me turnips in my Christmas stockings and hide potatoes in my car.  My parents need help.

See?  My father (the prime culprit behind the chickens, the root vegetables and my stellar ability to burp) thinks it’s funny to take pictures of me taking pictures.  And then point out how much better his camera is than mine.  And how much cooler his pictures are than mine.  I can’t even refute either of those statements, as

a) he has a D80 and,

b) he is an excellent amateur photographer who puts me to shame.

Of course, HE doesn’t have a sweet bathroom!

Oh yeah, baby.  And there is a bathroom in the master bedroom, which means BD gets that and this pretty pretty princess is ALL MINE BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

(Sorry.  But dude!  Heated tile floors!)

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

And self portrait, to prove that my posture…well…this is pretty crappy posture too.  But hey, MY bathroom has a sweet full-length mirror.

Anyway, that’s about it for now…we’re not moving till next weekend, if that, since we haven’t actually “packed” or “planned” any of the move.  I think that both BD and I have been burned so many times on this loooong house hunt that neither of us actually expected the deal to go through.  That, or we’re horribly lazy.


I’m going to attempt to post more, now that both the house hunt and the store opening are over and my stress level has decreased from “homicidal googly-eyed maniac” to “mother of god, if I think that moving is going to be LESS stress, I’m out of my ever-lovin’ mind”.

On second thought, look for me in another month.


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