I Have To Confess

Seriously, but this damn town cracks me up.  I’m sitting here in the bar of my hotel, and I can count no fewer than 15 cowboy hats.  Now, I’m from Colorado, and I know from cowboy hats, but generally one doesn’t see this kind of concentration anywhere outside of a country/western bar.

And FYI, there are only about 25 people in the whole bar.  I feel so remarkably out of place, and I have to hit the bathroom, and mother of god!  I just wish I could catch the waitresses’ eye so I could get my goddam tab, but that might be problematic, seeing as I sat here for 40 minutes before she even came over and asked if I needed anything.  Apparently, she confused me with “another girl that was sitting at that exact table on a laptop!  I totally thought you were her!  I’m so sorry, this first drink is on me…”

(Ok, that part was awesome, I’m not gonna lie.)

UPDATE:  Apparently the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is having its annual conference in this hotel.  Hence the proliferation of hats and plaid shirts.  Man, does my company know how to pick its hotels!  This is one big partay…

UPDATE THE SECOND:  A woman just meandered over and asked if I minded that she steal one chair from my table.  She then asked if I was studying.  I was somewhat dumbstruck, and could only anwser with a apologetic (and completely fib-tastic) yes, since I’m not sure what else one would call the daily perusal of my Google feeds.  I don’t think blog reading ranks very high on the list of daily activities of ANY of the attendees of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association.

UPDATE THE THIRD:  I think I may EXPLODE.  Did I mention that this hotel has a 5 story water feature in the lobby/atrium?  The sound of the water is driving right through my skull.  And my bladder, for that matter.  (Oh!  A rhyme!  This post is clearly going to need its own catagory that implies alcohol is involved…)

And, a very small man with a very large cowboy hat just wandered over and tried to make small talk with me.  Which I responded to with a head toss and hearty laugh, because, hey!  I can fake laugh with the best of them…

Check, please!


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