One Hundred Things

1.       I’m left handed.

2.       This means I have to turn my paper 90 degreees sideways to write comfortably.

3.       In college, there were only 3 left handed desks in my art history classroom.

4.       They were always taken by right handers.

5.       WTF,  people who take left handed desks!

6.       I love veggies that begin with A.  (And other veggies, but those are the best.)

7.       I HATE cilantro.

8.       Deeply.

9.       My husband hates all veggies.

10.   Despite this, my husband one of smartest people I know.

11.   I love to cook.

12.   However, I almost never do, because I’m very lazy.

13.   I would rather read than watch t.v.

14.   But I’m not hopelessly lazy; I did spend 4 summers in thecolorguard of a drum and bugle corps.

15.   10-12 hours a day all summer is enough exersize for a lifetime.

16.   I have the coolest parents ever.

17.   My dad encouraged me to burp loud and often when I was younger.

18.   Mom was not thrilled.

19.   She taught me to cuss loud and often.

20.   Dad was not thrilled.

21.   My first words were “Jesus Christ”.

22.   Not in a pious way.

23.   My husband and I have two dogs.

24.   My husband hopes daily they’ll run away and never come back.

25.   They’re pretty stupid.

26.   Seriously.

27.   They eat grass.

28.   I always used to deride Apple products as too trendy, propriatary and damn expensive.

29.   Then I got an iPod touch.

30.   I’d make out with it if I could.

31.   Most of this was written on my preshuss, preshuss iPod.

32.   It’s a good thing it has spell check.

33.   Because the letters are small and hard to hit with my fat thumbs.

34.   I have a very large vocabulary.

35.   I don’t take advantage of it very often.

36.   I’d rather use made up words.

37.   Like re-cock-ulous.

38.   I like to cuss.

39.   I also have an exorbitant amount of useless knowledge in my head.

40.   I’m a good person to have on your side in a trivia battle.

41.   I hate incorrect apostrophe use.

42.   Haaate!!!

43.   I love to read science fiction and fantasy.

44.   I also love me some video games.

45.   I got a PS3 and Rock Band for Christmas.

46.   SCORE!!!

47.   I’m a decent singer.

48.   I’m tragic at the drums, though.

49.   I played cello for many years.

50.   So that’s how I hold my guitar.

51.   I live in Colorado.

52.   And don’t ski.

53.   I sail, though!

54.   I own a boat as old as I am.

55.   I call it “Mudball”.

56.   You can probably guess how attractive it is.

57.   I have to have chapstick or lip gloss on me at all times.

58.   I find a lot of chapstick tubes in the laundry.

59.   Usually empty.

60.   The heat of the dryer melts them.

61.   Oops!!!

62.   My husband is much cleaner than I am.

63.   This drives him crazy.

64.   I’d also much rather avoid an argument than talk it out.

65.   That kind of makes me sound like a guy.

66.   I’m not, though.

67.   I do always have to be wearing at least one piece of jewelry.

68.   Preferably a big ol’ necklace.

69.   I wear seven rings on my hands.

70.   And one on my pointer toe.

71.   If that makes sense.

72.   The three largest toes on my left foot are all the same length.

73.   I have one tattoo of colorguard flags.

74.   On my lower back.

75.   Should have thought about the placement a little more.

76.   Tramp stamp!

77.   I have a few body piercings.

78.   I went to college to major in theater and left with an art degree.

79.   And the aforementioned body art.

80.   I actually use my degree in my job.

81.   Sometimes…

82.   I have taught high school colorguard for about ten years as a side job.

83.   I got a promotion at work that has me traveling every other week.

84.   So I have to give up colorguard, for the most part.

85.   This bums me out.

86.   And all my travel is to Oklahoma and surrounding states.

87.   Yawn!

88.   At least I get beau coup frequent flier miles.

89.   That’s about all you’ll hear about my job; I wouldn’t want to get Dooced.

90.   I bite my nails.

91.   I can stop for months at a time, and then blammo!

92.   Back to square one.

93.   This usually happens when I’ve been drinking.

94.   I should stop.

95.   Mmm… alcohol.

96.   I love red wine, especially a fruity Zinfandel.

97.   And good beer.

98.   And vodka tonics!

99.   This is my first attempt at a blog…

100.Let’s see how it goes.


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